Keeping you compliant Keeping you focused

Customs and regulatory compliance are real burdens for organizations of any size, as rapidly changing requirements, financial constraints, and often arcane terminology can be a distraction to your business growth.  Whether we’re helping you to proactively classify and clear your goods, or to ensure your back-end compliance through a documentation and retention audit, our team of experienced compliance professionals will ensure that your focus can stay where it should be: on your business.


Our team will navigate the complexity of the Harmonized System on your behalf, saving you time and money.


Your goods need more than travel – they need customs approval, and we’ll get them across the border for you.


We’ll manage payments of your duties & taxes with US Customs, making your accounting easier.


Our team will audit your documentation and retention processes to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date  regulation.

You need more than clearance We create transparency

Commodity classification, compliance, and customs clearance aren’t just a list of words starting with C – they’re a real challenge for organizations with global supply chains. A dizzying array of regulatory requirements, governmental directives, and frequently evolving guidelines is enough to stop even the savviest international business leader in their tracks. Our team of customs compliance experts will cut through this red tape for you, creating space for you to focus your efforts on your business, not on government forms.

We Comply

Grow your business Not your inbox

Trade compliance and regulatory alignment are difficult for anyone – let alone someone who’s focusing on growing their business. You don’t have time to familiarize yourself with every regulation, work through the classification system, and manage the submission timeline for your imports or your exports. We do the work for you, managing every step of the clearance and compliance process, and letting you focus on what you should be focused on: your company.



Our integrated transportation teams, as well as our partnerships with our sister warehousing companies, ensures that your product will move as fast as possible.



Fewer moving pieces means fewer opportunities for error, and our team of experts will ensure that your cargo is classified properly, cleared efficiently, and managed effectively.



Our decades of combined experience in customs management gives you a trusted advisor, able to help you focus on building your business, not staying on top of regulatory changes.

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