end-to-end service under one roof

Our end-to-end service model ensures that you have one partner to work with as you import goods and grow your business.

We integrate international cargo movement, domestic freight management, customs clearance, and with our sister companies, warehousing and fulfillment operations.

Our integrated service teams work constantly to find the right solution for our clients’ supply chain needs, whatever those needs are.

Global Reach

With hundreds of freight agent connections around the world, we can deliver solutions, no matter the location.


Our global network of freight agents allows us to help shippers consolidate their cargo, reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Tracking & Analytics

It’s not enough for your cargo to arrive; you need to know the when and the why of changes, and our team provides that business intelligence.

Integrated Services

As the supply chain landscape changes, we can shift with it, providing you access to transloading and surface capabilities.

shrinking the globe expanding your reach

Your supply chain stretches around the world, and you rely on it to keep your business moving. The growth that you strive for every day can only happen when the engine of that growth has the fuel it needs – and that means your supply chain must deliver for you.

We know what it means to be reliant upon a network that stretches around the globe, and we’re committed to helping importers get their products to market in an efficient, effective, and easy manner.

We Import

think about your customers not your supply chain

If it’s not on the shelf, it’s not going to sell. Your business relies on a predictable, consistent flow of product to deliver results for your customers.

Our world-class team of import logistics professionals delivers results for you, bringing you predictability, enabling your data-focused decision-making, and transforming your supply chain into a market differentiator.

integration 1


Our integrated international, domestic, and customs teams, in partnership with our sister warehousing companies, give you a predictable view of your supply chain from factory to front door.



Consistent partners in your import network are vital. Your suppliers are your lifeblood, and their interactions with your supply chain providers can forge strong relationships or create chaos. Our team is committed to forging those relationships, so your team can focus on your business.

Insight 1


What’s better than faster decisions? Better ones. Our team has removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste from our clients’ supply chains as a result of our integrated visibility.

Your Success Is Our Success!

Learn how NorthPoint Logistics can partner with you to reach your goals.