End to End Service Under one roof

Our end-to-end service model ensures that you have one partner to work with as you export goods and grow your business.

We integrate international cargo movement, domestic freight management, customs clearance, and with our sister companies, warehousing and fulfillment operations.

Our integrated service teams work constantly to find the right solution for our clients’ supply chain needs, whatever those needs are.


Leveraging the consolidated volume of our clients, we partner with top shipping lines to secure capacity at advantageous terms, allowing you to compete on a much larger stage.


In-house expertise on reading, interpreting, and generating letter of credit documentation ensures that your financial instruments move at the speed of your operational demands.


With the expanding breadth of documentation requirements, and the dizzying complexity of these steps, our team works to ensure that you can focus on your business, not on the paperwork.


Our team has decades of refrigerated experience, allowing us to navigate the difficult waters of refrigerated exports, letting you expand your client base, not your vendor network.

Connecting you to your customers No matter where they are

Your business depends on customers around the world, bringing a whole new set of challenges for your team. From language to currency to compliance to transportation to timing, exporters have a wide variety of challenges that they face every day.

We’re committed to North American exporters, and our team of top-tier forwarders ensures that your products get where they’re supposed to be – in the hands of your customers.

We Export

Focus on growth not fulfillment


It's hard enough to create the growth in your business that you want to see, let alone figuring out how you'll deliver on that growth.

Our team of export logistics professionals works hand in hand with your team to create predictable export networks and – when the world changes – peeks around the corner to find innovative, outcome-focused solutions to keep your business growing…like it should be.

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Our international team and our sister warehousing companies allow us to manage and monitor your supply chain from factory to front door, enhancing communication and accountability.



It’s tough to build an export network, and we know that as well as anyone. Your business’ needs are unique, and finding the right partners is vital to your success. Our team works tirelessly to find the right partner for your business.

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What’s better than faster decisions? Better ones. Our team has removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste from our clients’ supply chains as a result of our integrated visibility.

Your Success Is Our Success!

Learn how NorthPoint Logistics can partner with you to reach your goals.