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Domestic transportation might sound straightforward and simple – but a fragmented market with over 1.2 million trucking carriers across the country might disagree!

The complexity of the modern domestic freight landscape can be intimidating and can lead to suboptimal outcomes for shippers. NorthPoint Transport works to find the best solutions for our clients, replacing confusing and unpredictable market conditions with clarity and focus.


Since 2014, truckload freight has increased by 20% in the US, with nearly 3 in 4 pounds of freight moving in a full truckload. Our team works with thousands of carriers nationwide to find the right match for your freight.



The LTL industry is expected to reach $80 billion in revenue in 2021, as the rise in e-commerce is fueling stratospheric growth in shipping. We work tirelessly to secure the best LTL options across the United States in this competitive landscape.



The US railroad system moves nearly 57 tons of freight per American every year – and as trucking capacity tightens, forward-thinking companies are amplifying their use of this oft-ignored mode of transport. We’re thrilled to see it – we love intermodal.


The rise of e-commerce has reignited America’s love of parcel freight, and with it, the complexity of working with a small group of carriers. We build relationships every day with parcel carriers to optimize our clients’ shipments – letting you focus on sales


Whether your supply chain needs full truckload, intermodal, less-than-truckload, or parcel services, it’s complicated. We know that – and we can help. Our team of logistics experts can keep your supply chain running like the well-oiled machine your business needs. Our integrated operations team gives us the ability to look at your supply chain beyond the water’s edge, letting you do the hard work: growing your business.

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As supply chains grow in complexity, they become more and more opaque – creating challenges for the businesses they serve.

We shatter that barrier by integrating directly with our international operations team and our sister warehousing companies, as well as by offering you real-time visibility into your inventory.


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Our international team and our sister warehousing companies allow us to manage and monitor your supply chain from factory to front door, enhancing communication and accountability.



Seeing the status of your inventory – whether moving or at rest – is vital to your decision-making. With the click of a mouse, you can access the data that will drive those decisions even faster.

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What’s better than faster decisions? Better ones. Our team has removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste from our clients’ supply chains as a result of our integrated visibility.

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